Final Examination, "The Influence of The Internet In Learning" (Speech)

Assalamualikum wr. wb

Hello Ladies and Gentlement Thank you for the oppurtunity given to me to deliver a speech.

I would like to tell you a little bit story, when I was in elementary school and junior high school, I had not felt the impact of the internet in the learning process. . At that time we only supplied the material described by teachers with the lecture, and when teachers explain the material honestly there is definitely a sense of drowsiness in learning. In the past, i spend more time in the library to work on tasks, only occasionally using the internet and that should go to Internet cafes or WARNET

How about now?

At present, the influence of the internet is very large in all aspects of life. Great influence also occurred in the field of education. Because that's the reason I here will deliver a speech about the influence of the internet in learning.

Ladies and gentlement, How the influence of the internet in the learning process?

The Internet is indeed a lot of influence, be it…

My Future Business

My future bussines Job opportunities as teachers or as an employee of the bank lately, the more interest and opportunities work started a bit. Therefore, we have already planned what business activities which we will get into later.Just a plan, no problem:DIf the later is destined to open a business, I chose the supermarket business.As an economics student I am more open the super market because seeing the needs of everyone is increasing, especially in the city centre of Pontianak, will be very promising if opening this business.I'm going to open a supermarket all-round, ranging from kitchen ingredients, tools, beauty tools, vegetables and fruits, and medicines.People will be more happy to shop in a place that is all available and has an affordable price. I will create a supermarket with a standard price that is very reaching buyers from the lower, middle and upper. In addition, the target to attract people to shop is by occasionally offering promos to them, certainly will not make…

Field Trips at Auditorium Untan

On the 9th of May 2017, when the subjects of economics English are replaced with field trips. Report on the visit of education expo at Auditorium Untan: UPT Bahasa Untan In stand upt Bahasa, there are 5 languages available, that of japanese, korean, arabic, french and english. There are also display a books, namely Toefl ITP, TUTEP, Korean for beginners, Japanese beginner level, Short Story Anthology, Arabic Language Training, etc. While talking to one of the stand keepers, she offers to take a foreign language course at a cost of RP 100,000 per month. She also claimed to be a bit able to speak japanese and korean. AwesomeJ AMCOR Untan The first time enter, the most prominent Amcor stands with balloon letters bearing the AMCOR, the hanging flags and the dominating blue color. There we are immediately served with photoboot with accessories such as america flag and cowboy hat. There is also a game race beam between two people, and who won the game can take the prize draw to be had. Gift ava…

How To Make Mini Martabak Eggs

For this blog, I will share a recipe for you. How to make it very simple, tools and materials are very easy to reach, and certainly do not require a large capital to make it. This recipe is suitable as a snack or side dish for food. This is the recipe: How To Make Mini Martabak Eggs Tools needed: Cutting board A Bowl A Spoon A Knife A Frying pan A Tongs Plate
Materials needed: Spring roll skin 2 eggs 1/3 piece of carrots Leek Pepper powder Masako Water

Ask an Expert

On the blog this time with the theme "ask an expert", I will be interviewing someone who is an expert in making and putting on a birthday cake. People who would I interviewed, named Tri Agustina who was 25 years old. She is my cousin who are experts in make and decorate on a birthday cake. He pursue this business for seven years She did not make the store for his efforts, but only home-based business.

There are some questions I ask, check it out!

Me: what lies behind to choose the make and decorate a birthday cake? Speaker: make and decorate a birthday cake just as a sideline who follow my hobby. My hobby is like making cakes. other than that, I look at people a lot of enthusiasts birthday cake. so that, little by little I began to pursue my hobbies are.

Me: Since when expert in making and decorating a birthday cake? Speaker: When after finishing high school, I've started to try to make a birthday cake piecemeal. Initially, I made the usual cake after the self-taught  began t…

I can't Imagine Life Without "Mirror"

The mirror is one thing that can reflect light and reflects other objects when the objects in front of. However, can you imagine life without a mirror? indeed it sounds trivial, but perhaps enough has an influence on our lives.
Few know the history of the mirror, as I read on maduranews.comThe mirror is one thing that can reflect light and reflects other objects when the objects in front of. however, can you imagine life without a mirror? indeed it sounds trivial, but perhaps enough has an influence on our lives.
few know the history of the mirror, as I read on that mirrors have long been found around 3000SM, but at that time using a surface polished to a shiny bronze is then used as a mirror. While a mirror made of glass found by nationality German chemist, Justus von Vebig the 19th century. He gilding with mercury glass surface so as to produce the effect of reflection.
Without the mirror we can not see us either the face or the clothes we wear. Whether we have to look i…

Story on Tuesday, 21 March 2017

On Tuesday, March 21st, 2017, me and friends to follow the course "English Economics" with lecturer named Miss Dini. As usual, the room that we use when learning that the American Corner (AMCOR), located on the 2nd floor UPT Language. Me and friends rushed to get there so don’t late to class but when arrived at AMCOR, my friend named agata efa informed through the BBM(Blackberry massanger) that we were not going to use the room AMCOR to learn because the room will be used for other purposes. We were all out of AMCOR and wait downstairs, there were sitting on the stairs, there were seated on a couch, and even some that sit the floor while playing cell phone. I think this situation as children displaced :D (maybe)
Suddenly there was a bunch of elementary school children were accompanied by their accompanying teachers Towards AMCOR. Accompanying teachers instruct the children to climb the stairs in queue. "C'mon. Ladies firts, ladies first and then boy", like that …